Tribe and religion and their impact on the process
of political reform in the State of Kuwait

The study aims at introducing the political reform process in Kuwait and studying the internal factors affecting the political reform process in Kuwait [...]

NATO and its contribution to the maintenance
of peace and security in the Gulf region from 1991 to 2012

The study problem is based on the assumption that NATO and its contributions to the maintenance of peace and security in the Gulf [...]

Political Participation in Jordan and its Relationship with Election Laws 2001-2013

The study highlights the importance of this study in its attempt to analyze the election laws issued in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan [...]


The meeting aimed at exploring the possibility of launching an electronic portal that meets the academic and research needs of the researchers and institutions in the Arab countries. It also seeks to make scientific knowledge available to universities, researchers and students who find limited office resources and poor bibliography references…

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In his quest for access to knowledge, the Applied Social Sciences Forum seeks through the “consortium” to the digitization of theses and dissertations. Within limits of our commitment to what we know, we mention the following:
First, the intellectual property of the collected and published documents in full (Full text) have expired and that the source of the latter is the competent web research engines that provide these documents free of charge and that have custody of those documents on the engines. The other source comes from donations obtained by the Consortium because it is perceived as a useful way to promote knowledge (Public Good).Based on this, the recorded material fall within the scope of the public interest and the public property.
Second, with respect to documents with copyright, it is published either through Abstracts or through the 5% of the work in accordance with the international standards and in accordance with the “Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.”

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